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How to strategically improve your success

Workshops (Standard and Customized)

The PER-K®: Key to Sustainable Success workshops are designed so a group or organization can embrace the change process through the approach that is best for the specific situation.

Outcomes from Workshop Sessions:

1. Each individual will
identify and change beliefs that are blocking them from moving forward with their success potential.

2. Each person
learns how to initiate additional changes after the workshop for ongoing improvement.

Essentials for Success™ can be customized to a specific improvement area or initiative critical to organizational and individual success. Such as:

Additional customization examples are:

Essentials for Success is available for general public workshops or within one organization. And, it can be integrated within a current project or initiative when most appropriate.

Depending on the desired outcomes:

After the process, each individual on a team will have identified self-limiting beliefs (that lead to self- defeating behaviors) and created new self-empowering beliefs (that lead to increased performance and confidence).

Our unique process utilizes the
natural neurological link between mind and body to communicate with the subconscious mind… the storehouse for attitudes and beliefs. This creates a unique state of mind that enables individuals to replace old self-defeating beliefs with new supporting and self-empowering ones.

The really important aspect is that the process is simple, direct, effective and verifiable. In other words,
it works!

Welcome to the Evolution of Business!

For an individual, one to one
Sustainable Mindset Catalyzing is available to increase professional and personal effectiveness.

Winning Mindset for Sales for specific application for Sales Success