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Change Initiative

If your organization, department or team is experiencing some change... then the attitude or mindset about the change is critical to supporting and successfully accomplishing the change process.

According to an IBM research paper on Change Initiatives, the feedback indicated that most identified factor for change to fail is the mindset and attitude of those involved.

And the most identified factors for change to succeed were all related to the people side not the project planning, structure, or resources. Factors were a supportive culture, leadership, and involvement.

A culture is a combination of beliefs, mindsets and attitudes that have formed over years within an organization. To ask people to individually change as well as shift the culture they work in historically has proven difficult.

With the PER-K® Mindset process, both the individual mindset and thus the organizational culture are approached from the subconscious habits and behaviors level. No more workshops that turn out to be expenses without results...

If you want to prepare for change or are in a change initiative that is floundering... then it is time to do things differently.

PER-K® can help prepare for or reenergize change. Think of it as insurance to ensure the change is incorporated in a healthy, supportive way. The impact on productivity will be significant... rather than a reduction and stressful impact, find out that change can be accepted and implemented much faster.

The Change Initiative application is customized to your specific need using both workshops and 1:1 Catalyzing Sessions.

For a group or organization, review how the
Workshops can be utilized to address specific success topics.

For an individual, refer to
1:1 Catalyzing to increase professional and personal effectiveness.