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1:1 Catalyzing

If you want to spend 100% focus with your personal list using these simple yet powerful processes of change, then a private one-on-one catalyzing session is for you.

Sustainable Mindset Catalyzing is the missing piece in traditional coaching.

Perhaps you have been coached in how to organize your time so you stay focused rather than distracted. What you have actually done is created a discipline to cope with a habituated behavior... not actually changed the behavior. Discipline takes mental energy.

It would be much easier and use a lot less energy, if you actually changed the original behavior to allow you to naturally stay focused as needed.

What could you do with more energy?
• Contact a few more prospects or customers?
• Do some research about a client’s situation so you can present a creative solution?
• Enjoy some personal time rather than working late each day?

Experience being the superior performer you know you can be...

Sustainable Mindset Catalyzing is:
• a private one to one session
• offered in person, at your office or ours
• available over the phone or Skype
• typically scheduled for an hour

“Robin has an exceptional skill and talent in working with PER-K®. Anyone in her workshops will experience a very talented leader. And to work with Robin on a personal, one-on-one level is a true gift to yourself.” B.M., Austin, TX


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